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SemperConnect is a personalized care concierge service that assists Canadian seniors find the care they need to age at home.



Blackwing is a mobile app that focuses on taxi booking, and is made for both, individuals and companies looking to schedule a future trip. 

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The Steadman Group

The Steadman Group, LLC is a woman-owned healthcare consulting business, and their mission is to improve the health of people and communities.



Maskerata is a Croatian portal for publishing short stories and poetry of young local authors, its main goal being to promote art and literature.

Our work is a strategical blend of user experience and brand storytelling.

COdizajn [“Ko-Dee-Zine”]; a fast-growing team of UI/UX designers & web developers . We are focused on helping clients innovate and enhance their virtual business presence & accelerate growth.

Our websites are a strategical blend of user experience and brand storytelling. Our main goal is to help you get your business online to increase revenue and accelerate growth.

We do everything, from simple presentational websites and marketing sites to more complex solutions. We understand that each project is different and will create a specialized offer tailored just for you! However, each of our websites has a few things in common – they are high-quality, modern, responsive & completely optimized.

By using the latest technologies and standards, we enable your customers to make a quick, easy and secure purchase, and offer the simplest solution for managing a webshop and promoting it online!

We aim to help you increase sales and customer engagement.

In addition to creating your store, we also offer SEO optimization services to help you rank better on Google, as well as a variety of ways to track the habits of your customers and users.

We have been researching the market for years; we always follow the latest trends and our main goal is to create a product that will be simple and user-friendly.

Mobile apps, web apps, dashboards, or any other user interface – we do it all!

Our designs are fresh and modern, we use the latest tools, and our final product is ready to be handed over to the developer.

We firmly believe that each brand is special and that having a strong visual identity helps each company grow!

A visual identity is not just a logo, but rather a cohesive system that spans across all mediums and touchpoints, including a website!

We offer a complete solution which, in addition to designing a logo, includes a detailed brand guidelines.


100 + satisfied clients

Don’t just take our word for it, read what they say about us.


COdizajn was a delight to work with. As a less than savvy tech individual, redesigning a website felt like a daunting process. They were extremely knowledgable about their craft, communicative about their processes, and navigated my endless questions and suggestions with grace. We are delighted with the final product and our overall experience with COdizajn!

Steadman Logo

Rhiannon Streight, The Steadman Group


We could not be happier with our experience with COdizajn. Not only were we provided creative designs from which to choose as a final design for our website, but the flexibility and quick response in making our site just right was quite impressive. We look forward to continuing to work with COdizajn.

Florida Beyond Logo

Susan Barnes, Florida Beyond


What a pleasure it has been to work with COdizajn over the past few weeks. We needed a revamp of our website done pretty quickly and they completed everything sooner than we could have hoped for. Even though the work was carried out promptly, this was not at the sacrifice of the quality of work. COdizajn web design, attention to detail, and implementation of ideas were incredible. They encaptured exactly what we were looking for beautifully. On top of the web design, COdizajn also designed a very nice, and easy to navigate email template for us to use in the future.

On more of a personal note, they are very friendly, easily accessible, and carry out their work with the utmost professionalism. It has been a delight to work with them over the past few weeks and we will most certainly be using them for future projects when needed.

Meditation and Mindfulness Logo

Chris Toulson,
Meditation and Mindfulness

Frequently asked

Starting a new web project can seem intimidating, but we’re here to answer any questions you may have to help you feel at ease. Our process is quite simple and we’ll gladly walk you through it! Try to give us as much initial information as possible so that we can guide you better: what is it that you do, what is the goal of the project (display information, sell products, etc.), what kind of designs do you like, do you already have a logo, what kind of functionality you need, and similar. It’s okay if you don’t know the answers to some of these questions, we can figure it out together.


We try to make it as easy as possible for you to take matters into your own hands, and we only require some initial information from you!

Although every project is unique, we always go through the following key phases:


Before we start with the design and development, we need to find out more about your project. We will ask you a few questions that are crucial for us to get started and will focus on the details you provided. We have a strong understanding of our client’s needs and newest trends and want to make sure that we are a good fit to work together and will provide you with an amazing solution.


Once we completely understand what you need, we put together a strategy and development plan that will see your goals fulfilled.

Design and development

We will create the first version of the website within the agreed deadline and send it to you for review. If you want to change something, we’ll be happy to do accommodate you – but also provide you with our advice.

We aim to create the product that you’ll be completely satisfied with, but provide a great experience to your users!

Testing and launching

After modifications and testing, we will optimize the site to make it fast and responsive and launch it, giving you access to the data so you can easily manage your content.

This largely depends on the size of the project itself and the various factors within it, including the number of pages, functionalities, your availability, and more.

However, smaller projects generally last one to two weeks, while larger projects usually take from one to three months.

If you have a specific deadline in mind, we will be happy to accommodate it.

We offer a web design & development service, eCommerce design and development, UI/UX design, and branding

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