Brand identity

Brand is much more than a logo; it is the collection of all elements that a company creates to portray the right image to its consumer.

Our team firmly believes that every brand has a story behind it. We are very passionate about defining and articulating that story, thus helping companies and individuals maximize their reach. 

Good, memorable branding has an ability to increase customer loyalty and trust. We are here to deliver a complete solution that will help you shape your brand. 

How are we different from other digital and web agencies?

We are specialized.

We offer only what we are best at: creating websites and web shops, UI / UX design and branding.

We are fast.

We limit the number of clients so that we can respond to everyone quickly and bring each project to an end in record time.

We are selective.

So that both we and the client are satisfied, we only take projects for which we are sure we can deliver our best work. 

We care.

We’re not robots, and we don’t treat you like one either. We care about the result and always advise clients on best digital practices along the way.

We have a clear vision for each project.

Vizualni identitet - Izrada logotipa

Our talented designers follow trends and design modern logos

We have been researching the market for years and following the latest trends in order to create a product that is attractive to the audience. However, we want to create more than just a nice design ─ a story of your brand, which starts with a logo.

Every project is done by our designers

To make sure that we are equally committed to every project and that each will be of equal quality, we have an internal team of graphic designers who we can guarantee for. Unlike many web design agencies, we never outsource work.

Vizualni identitet - Proces izrade logotipa

We are one of the leading web design agencies on Clutch

We are currently among the ten leading Croatian web design agencies on Clutch, the most famous B2B platform for leaving reviews, with a rating of 5.0.

We use the latest technologies to create the best brand identity

Adobe Illustrator CC

Our team of experts will create a logo you will be proud of

Modern design

We follow the latest trends and know what works for your customers. We will always find a balance between your wishes and the expectations of the audience.

More than one concept

We are always willing to offer a few concepts to choose from; when you pick the one that suits you best, we can continue to work on this one.


We are carefully choosing the typography that suits your target audience and industry standards. We believe a text is a big part of every brand identity.

Memorable symbol

From abstract symbols to more specific ones, we will be happy to make a logo that includes a memorable, unique symbol.

Various placings

A good logo fits everywhere: from brochures and leaflets to online media, in different dimensions, and in different positions.

More than a logo

While logo is crucial, it's not the only thing that matters; it is just as important to choose the typography, color palette, and many other elements.

Related services

Web Design

We do it all; from simple presentation to web pages with more complex functionalities. We fully adapt to your business model.


We enable your customers a quick, easy, and secure purchase, and we offer you the simplest solution to manage and promote your web shop.

UI/UX Design

Looking for a design only? We offer a user interface design; we design mobile applications, platforms, websites, and much more!

100+ satisfied clients

Don’t just take our word for it, read what they say about us.


The team at COdizajn had a clear plan how to handle my brief and delivered every step along the way. I love the website they produced and they were always available to answer any question I had or make any amendment. Everything was delivered with enthusiasm and clarity. I would highly recommend.

Safi Zisman, BF Media


COdizajn is a wonderful company to work with if you need to create a website and have a logo designed. The company was creative, professional, and knowledgeable in their craft. They allowed me make revisions until the site was exactly the way I’d envisioned it. They offered professional advice to optimize the site’s design and searchability. Their design is sleek, modern, clean, and appeals to the eyes. I would highly recommend this company for all your website and logo design needs.

Sharon Edjan, Nightingale Senior Living


Working with COdizajn has been absolutely amazing. This company does beautiful work and does it very quickly. They have also been so thoughtful in terms of making it easy for me in the future. Details like the clone feature and instructional photos make a real difference.

I’ve managed 4 website redesigns throughout my career (5 including this one) and working with COdizajn was hands down the best experience I’ve had. And all the other projects cost thousands of dollars more and took months longer to complete. I’m blown away and will definitely want to use COdizajn again in the future.

Michelle West, Culinary Farms