The Importance of a Good Brand Identity and How We Can Create One

Vizualni identitet - Izrada logotipa

Brand identity is how you shape the perception of your brand through its visual elements. Images have always been a powerful form of communication; which is why it is very important that your visual identity sends a good message.

The first important thing to know; brand is much more than a logo. It includes all the graphical information you transmit – everything that customers can physically see; digitally, these are mostly colors, fonts, photos, and illustrations, but the visual identity can also relate to the look of the interior of your store, the products you sell – and anything else that will come into association with your brand. However, the visual identity mostly refers to the consistent styles that your brand uses, which usually means:

  • graphic elements – this includes all graphic elements; most of all your symbol, but also the icons, illustrations and photos you use
  • typography – mainly, this refers to the font used with your logo, and the accompanying fonts that are consistently used on the web, social networks, promotional materials or similar; usually, it is a combination of two, or max three fonts
  • color palette – the colors from your logo are used, and sometimes combined with a few more undertones or complementary colors; colors should have a specific hue that is typically defined by the color code of that color

Even though brand is much more than a logo, a logo is a key element to developing a company image and brand identity. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a good logo that is up to the job of further developing a brand identity.

Here’s how we do it.

1. Consultation

Before we jump ahead and start creating the design, we need to gather some initial information; every designer will need your brand name, the industry, and will want to learn a bit more about your story and mission.
In order for the process to run as smoothly as possible, it is desirable that you also provide some additional information – for example, styles of logos that you like, or at least some general direction in which you’d want to go or colors and fonts that you think might work good. The designer will, of course, give his suggestions for all this, but if you have any specific ideas and requirements it is good to mention them right away.

A good designer can create anything you want, but they cannot read your mind; which is why the initial consultation and the information your provide are very important.

2. Initial concepts

This, of course, will vary from designer to designer, and from company to company, but we at COdizajn offer three initial concepts to choose from, which you can combine and / or modify once you select one, if necessary.

3. Finalizing the selected concept

You can combine concepts as desired (for example, if you like colors from one concept, but prefer a symbol from another) or change the selected concept as many times as you want. During the process itself, we will always be happy to advise you on best practices and give you additional ideas.

4. Creating a brand book

After the logo is finalized, we will also create all the necessary documentation and guidelines that comes with it. A brand book includes all the information about the color palette you will use, the typography, the positioning and use of the logo, the combination with other elements, and similar. Once you get this information, you can use the logo in combination with sent styles on the web, social networks, promotional materials, and everywhere else to create a stable and consistent image of your brand.

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